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Karin Sajo

After working for Studio Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier, Parisienne Karin Sajo achieved a breakthrough in the world of haute couture and luxury. Today, in cooperation with the design studio of WallHaus, the top designer translates her passion for color and texture into wallpaper.


It was a challenge to give wallpaper the same power and refinement as textiles.

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WallHaus x Karin Sajo

Color is my absolute dada, the foundation of every creation.I choose and edit my colours based on the story I would like to tell. In my designs there is an undeniable link with nature. You have the green and brown of plants, the white and grey, pearly blue and the yellow and beige of straw and sand.

I like choosing colours the most,
because color is my signature.

But I also like the phase that precedes the creation process: the moment of research, selecting materials and immersing yourself in different manufacturing techniques. I attach great importance to details such as the texture and sensuality of a fabric, or in this case wallpaper. That was a big challenge that we overcame beautifully together.

Karin Sajo's choice

That must be 'Rivièra'. I love the timeless elegance of this pattern. I also paid a lot of attention to the colour brilliance and the finesse of the design.


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